Half an hour of walking through the forest and shallow bed of the Suvaje River divides you from entering the stone hatch of the Badnjevica canyon. We start with rope lowering down the 17 meter waterfall. The canyon is only 2 to 3 meters wide at this place and the cliffs rise 30 meters high while the water disperses everywhere. This creates an impressive view. After reaching water we swim and walk and have two rope lowerings. We go on through narrow and oval chambers which were created by water erosion. Above us, the cliffs are high up to 60 meters and the sun rays try to reach us. In the second part of the trip, the canyon is wide and we swim through spacious lakes and walk on big river pebbles. On the very exit of the canyon you are about to make the biggest, a nine meter water dive in. 

Distance from start to finish:  2500 metres
Altitude distance from start (in the canyon) to finish:  105 metres
River temperature: 15°C
Water diving: You can dive in the water only in the places allowed by the guide. Usually, there are four dives. Water diving on canyoning trip in Badnjevica canyon is obligatory only in one place, from 2,5 meters. The rest of the divings are not obligatory because there are easy bypasses.
Swimming: There is no place for white water swimming in Canyon of Cetina River.
Absailing: Canyoning Badnjevica trip includes rope lowering and alpine equipment using. There are four lowerings using alpine equipment (absail) (5m + 12m + 3m + 3m)
Canyoning equipment: helmet, life-jacket, alpine belt, neoprene suit.
Equipment & Staff: All equipment used is registered and certified at EU. All customers must wear Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and Helmet at all times while on the river. All of our professional guides are registered at Croatian mountain rescue service. Staff speaks Croatian and English. 
Fitness Level: A Moderate level of fitness is required.
Previous experience: Not necessary
Age: Minimum age 14 years.
What to Bring: Footwear such as joggers (to wear in the river), swimming wear, towel.
Accommodation: There are lots of possibilities for accommodation in small city Imotski which is located near Badnjevica canyon (10 min by car). More information at www.tz-imotski.hr. Also you can find accommodation in Zadvarje village which is located near Badnjevica canyon (30 min by car). More information at www.zadvarje.com. The prices of private accommodation are usually between 10 and 15 euros per night per person.
Food and drinks: After exiting Badnjevica canyon it is possible to organize domestic food and drinks in a nearby tavern (10 min by car). The lunch is from 10 to 15 euros.
Special Conditions: The operator has the right to cancel tours, without advanced notice, at their discretion depending on weather or river conditions. All safety instructions from Adventure Dalmatia’s staff must be adhered to.
Numbers on the day: Minimum of 2 and a Maximum of 8 pax.
Availability: This trip runs if there are 2 or more people. Email us regarding dates, and tell us the number of people in your group. We will inform you about the dates available.

Extras: Two famous lakes, Red Lake and Blue Lake are situated near Badnjevica canyon (only 15 min by car). After lunch we go sightseeing the Lakes.

Starts from: Zadvarje Village
Canyoning tour/departure times:  between 10 and 11 AM  (or according to the agreement for groups)
Duration of the tour:  3.30 - 4.30 h
Duration of transport: 1h and 15 min - one way (80 km, from Split town)
                                      1h - one way (55 km, from Makarska)
Price: 650 Kn (90€) per person
The price includes: equipment, insurance and guide assistance.
Price of transfer:  120 Kn (15 €) per person - both directions
Payment: cash or bank payment


By car, from Split or Trogir direction:  Exit Split and go north towards highway A1 - DUGOPOLJE entrance. Enter the highway and drive app 40 km in direction of MAKARSKA. Exit at ŠESTANOVAC and drive 2 km south to ZADVARJE village. Meet you at Adventure Dalmatia base.

By car from Makarska direction: Exit Makarska and go north. Drive for 17 km and when you come to crossroad Dubci you will see on your right yellow sign Zadvarje. Turn right and drive 8 km to Zadvarje. Meet you at Adventure Dalmatia base.

Where is Zadvarje - Map for printing

East of Split 50 km....
West of Makarske 25 km......

In front of Adventure Dalmatia base which is situated opposite of the church in traditional stone house.
 – 30 meters from church. 

Meeting point - Map for printing

Pick up time in SPLIT:  8 30 a.m. at RIVA (in front of coffee bar Dolce Vita)
map of Split meeting point

Pick up time in MAKARSKA: 09.30 at INA gas station – exit north
map of Makarska meeting point

According to the agreement the transport can be organized from other places.


Abseil into the entrance of Badnjevica canyon Abseil into the entrance of Badnjevica canyon Abseil into the entrance of Badnjevica canyon In front of Badnjevica waterfalls Preparing for abseiling in depth of canyon Canyon abseiling near the waterfall Waiting for new adventure on Badnjevica canyoning tour Exploring natural formatted pools Rope techniques are important part for successful canyoning tour Descending On the half way of Badnjevica canyoning tour