We walk through deep crystal water lakes, we climb the waterfalls conquering the stream force. Wild nature is all around us, and only after a few minutes we feel as if the civilization is hundreds of miles away. Canyon is of a breathtaking beauty.
Our voyage ends at the set of “five waterfalls”. We have a short rest in the shade ofthe ruins of an old mil. The waterfalls we climbed before seem like fun toboggans. At the top we sit in the water, put our elbows together and we charge ahead together with millions of crystal clean water drops, with many waterfalls and excitements ahead of us. The trip ends in refuge hut with an obligatory blueberry pie.
Each waterfall has a safe way around it so anyone can try this sport. Canyoning in the Vražji prolaz is not a very demanding one, but you will have to show some agility and motivation. If the water level is high this becomes a very demanding trip!!
It is possible that the river goes dry in some sections during the summer.
The most attractive month to do it is May.

Distance between start position and finish: 2.300 meters
Altitude distance between start (in the canyon) and finish:  95 meters
River temperature: from 8°C to 15°C
Water diving: You can dive in the water only in the places allowed by the guide. Usually, there are three dives. Water diving is not obligatory because there are easy bypasses.
Swimming: There are no dangerous parts for swimming in canyon Vražji prolaz.
Absailing: yes, there are three places for rope lowering
Canyoning equipment: helmet, life-jacket and long neoprene suit.
Fitness Level: low to moderate (depends on the water level)
Previous experience: Not necessary
Age: minimum 18
What to Bring: swim suit, towel, extra t-shirt and sneakers.
Accommodation: Mountain hut Zeleni vir and many hotels and private     accommodation places near Delnice
Food and drinks: In mountain hut Zeleni vir
Onsite Facilities: at the start place we have WC and a changing room
Special Conditions: The operator has the right to cancel tours, without advanced notice, at their discretion depending on weather or river conditions.
Numbers on the day: Minimum 2 pax  - Maximum 8 (but groups can start independently within 15 minutes distance)
Availability:  This trip runs if there are 2 or more people. Email us regarding dates, and tell us the number of people in your group. We will inform you about the dates available.

Extras: Waterfall Zeleni vir, spring of Kupica river, Muževa hiža cave

Starts from:  Zeleni vir
Canyoning tour/departure times:  between 10 and 11 AM  (Or according to the agreement for groups)
Duration of the tour:  1.30h – 2.30h
Duration of transport: 25 min – one way from Brod na Kupi
Price: 255,00 Kn     (35 €) per person
The price includes: equipment, insurance and guides assistance.
Price of transfer:  according to the agreement
Payment: cash or bank payment


Go to Zrinska ulica 13 in Brod na Kupi.
Brod na Kupi is about 90 minutes away from Zagreb by car and about 45 minutes away from Rijeka by car. It is 10 kilometres away from Delnice.
Exit the highway A6 at the „DELNICE EXIT“ and drive towards the town. Before you reach INA gas station, then go left. Go straight on for 10 kilometres. In the Brod na Kupi village go straight on till the end and take a left turn in Street Zrinska ulica. After 200 meters, on your left is our sports centre.

In mountain house Zeleni Vir or in Brod na Kupi, Raftmania sports centre, Zrinska ul 13

Canyon sliding thru the rapids Canyon jumps  in natural stone pools Canyoning Devil's passage Canyoning Devil's passage Canyon sliding thru the rapids  Swimming in natural stone pools Canyon sliding thru the rapids  Canyoning Devil's passage